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This morning, Molly made a choice early on that would hold the starting point for her day. She could have either sat around and continued to work, or she could get up and go fire up her brain allowing work to be more controlled and efficient, due to exercise. SMILE #UWokeUp found more clarity and awareness this morning while glowing on Prudence, and Molly was able to get more training in for Desert’s Edge.

Molly Cain, SMILE #UWokeUp Founder, is participating in Desert’s Edge triathlon in Fruita. She will be doing the road bike sprint triathlon. This is where she will swim a half mile, bike 12 miles, and finish out strong with running 3 miles. Molly is a beautiful soul who is out to inspire the world to greatness by the phrase that helped her overcome. SMILE #UWokeUp. Click Where it all began… to find out more about Molly.

“I have overcome and watched my life transform as if I were a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. The different stages and life changes that were presented are huge. I have started living with more purpose and self-awareness. Exercise, has become such a good feeling and overall body high. When I push myself harder and I make it to the top of the mountain, I feel free, like I can overcome anything thrown my way. This is the leader that I want to be, who helps others to be able to overcome their biggest challenges and fears. This will be my first triathlon in 4 years, since the accident, and I am absolutely stoked!! It will be interesting. I was against tri’s because when I fractured the right side of my face, my deviated septum formed. I am blessed that this little thing is my face only reminder of March 30.  I stopped being a brat and bought a nose plug. I feel silly and foolish for waiting so long, but now my body is ready to compete. “


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