What advice would you give to help other traumatic brain injury survivors who are just starting out with their recovery process? Please share your thoughts and experiences with the SMILE #UWokeUp team to help other TBI survivors. SMILE #UWokeUp

Molly, the Founder, goes back to “eat for your brain,” if you will.  She feels that what helped her the most was working out, physically but also cognitively, and watching what she was putting into her body to fuel it up for success. Can you relate? Share your thoughts below!!

What has worked for you when battling a TBI? What did you find was the most challenging thing to overcome? How did you deal with this? Spread love and traumatic brain injury awareness with others. Share your feedback below and help to encourage other TBI survivors and support to not give up. Attitude is everything in daily life, but when battling a TBI attitude sets the tone for your everyday!!

SMILE #UWokeUp goal is to paint a vivid picture of what TBI survivors endure… which is way more than what meets the eye.

Below are three of SMILE #UWokeUp directors. We have been where you are and we know first hand what brought us success on our journey. Let us encourage you to keep fighting the TBI fight.

**SMILE #UWokeUp gives encouragement, not medical advice. We share our personal struggles and stories, but will always support the physician. Please know that we are skilled in the medical field but are able to find you the resources that you may need.**



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