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Just Love Me

I have come to the conclusion that I am a healer. I am here for a larger purpose, and one that I may or may not fully understand. This is okay. In life we are not meant to know it all, but to learn from it all. I am learning more and more that my purpose is to be a light of love. This I am certain of.

While traveling down the path I’m on, enjoying this amazing journey. I wanted to take full advantage of everything, especially the gifts in life that were more pertinent than others, like talking. Being a survivor with a voice sets a new stage of its own. I knew that I was going to be another advocate for my TBI family, in some fashion and light.

I wrote a book early on in my recovery process, starting as a way to gain mobility in my right hand. The side of the body that was temporarily paralyzed. If you are looking for a helpful guide when dealing with obstacles, especially TBI obstacles, check out Just Love Me on Amazon. It will give you a better perspective on what traumatic brain injuries really entail. For more information, go to Amazon and search Just Love Me, Molly Cain or click here: Just Love Me

Are you aware of your purpose? SMILE #UWokeUp




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