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Friends, today is the day. #GivingTuesday! This is where we ask for your help supporting our mission. –> Donate here
SMILE #UWokeUp is asking for your help on #GivingTuesday by donating and sharing our mission to raise traumatic brain injury awareness, with your friends, families, and followers.
SMILE #UWokeUp goal is to raise $1,000. This money will be used toward SMILE #UWokeUp TBI Support, which is an opportunity for TBI survivors and families to earn a certain amount of money to a specific store for toiletries, household items and groceries. $50 will be used toward SMILE #UWokeUp Tuesday support group meetings, for pens, paper, and other marketing material.
(SMILE #UWokeUp hold Bi-Weekly TBI support group meetings on Tuesday alternating between the two local hospitals.)
Not sure who we are? SMILE #UWokeUp is a nonprofit organization designed to provide awareness of traumatic brain injuries, while providing support, tools and tips and TBI prevention insight.
To donate, please do so here… (click the big donate button.)
Thank you for helping!!
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