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Survivor or Victim?

“You are not a victim.” You are a survivor that has a purpose. You are a fighter. If you are reading this, you are one who has defined ALL odds. Pat yourself on the back because you are just getting started. A miracle awaits for you, just right around the corner; seek it!

Yesterday, I referred to myself as a victim. I was not familiar with this mind frame and I was not sure why it came out to play, but I knew that there was a lesson behind the madness. I was chasing clarity; an understanding to what I was feeling. Most times, I wanted to know all of the juicy details, good or bad, to help center me on my path and journey that I am designed for. In my mind, more wisdom, brought intelligent success, I was seeking to grow within. Helping to align me with just this; intelligent success,

Knowing that my consciousness was throwing me a sign and that I needed to connect with my inner being, I dropped down to meditate. I wanted to endure all thoughts and pain, bringing me to a certain center of gravity where no secrets lie and the brutal truth is expected. I was uncertain to why my body was slammed with emotional distress. I thought about the different memories from my past that came to mind. Underlying, a few noted facts.  Moving on to what this message was telling me.

I started this process to healing and health of the mind, with the word victim as the sole focus. VICTIM. I made a willow tree or what this word meant to me and things like, “Opportunity to grow, brave, survivor” ect were sprung on the page. These words spoke to me through a hidden message of the soul. I contemplated the different life experiences that I have faced and felt the anger, hurt, sadness, frustration, happy and magical moments. Separating the emotion from the experience, I began to see that we are both. A survivor and a victim. What sets us apart from others is how we view the victim word. I know that from my past, I have been a victim is many cases. However, I do not tend to play the victim role, if ever, because of how I view this word. I choose to look at life as an opportunity to grow no matter what the obstacle looks like, and trust me I have had some pretty messed up obstacles. The point is, our personal lenses are the key holder to how far we can stretch the limits of our being. No dream is too big or outrageous, “See it. Believe it. Achieve it.” – Molly Cain

After going through all of the healing steps in my mind to overcome thoughts as a victim, I began to see a clear view and vision. I began to see a beautiful light that forgave myself for all of the past decisions and choices that I’ve made, which healed my mind enough to move past something that was posing as a block in the road. The mind is a powerful thing, folks, and our choices are a major decider. Do you ever feel this way?

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