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January newsletter 2018

Goodness, can you believe that it is February already. The month of love, except, SMILE #UWokeUp spreads light and love daily. Join us!

SMILE #UWokeUp had a tame January, filled with a lot of ideas on how to spread more awareness of traumatic brain injuries. The board met earlier in the month and came up with some pretty fantastic opportunities to learn more about TBI’s. If you have any suggestions on how to spread a larger message or input on ideas, please email us and let us know your thoughts:

What we currently offer throughout the month:

SMILE #UWokeUp offer support group meetings that are held the second and fourth Tuesday of the month, from 6:30pm – 8pm. These meetings are held in Northern Colorado at PVH and MCR. Please view our website for more details:

The first and third Tuesday of the month, SMILE #UWokeUp hold group outings. We are just starting these meetings and the locations will vary. Please look into our Facebook page, SMILEUWOKEUP, or on our website under events.

Meditation chapters/Pilates/Balance – time to quiet the mind while fueling your soul.

These sessions will vary but will be found under events, after the event is fully planned. Currently, we are in motion with offering a balance and Pilates class, that ends with meditation. These details will be posted soon!!

Successful stories of the month:

Molly Cain, the Founder, competed in Chilly Cheeks Duathlon to spread more awareness in the endurance world and to other athletes. Molly feels that her purpose is to be a light of love and she thrives in her element of racing.

SMILE #UWokeUp received HUGE news, we were selected in the lottery to compete in Superior Trail Run 50K, in Minnesota. Molly will be representing SMILE #UWokeUp and raising awareness of our mission to the community and other athletes.

*Remember your current situation is not your final-destination. *

How you can contribute?

  1. Become a monthly donor/sponsor
  2. Be a guest speaker on Tuesday at our TBI support group meeting
  3. Hold a fundraiser for SMILE #UWokeUp
  4. Provide your time in helping us revamp the website
  5. Blogging assistance
  6. Grant writing
  7. Connect us to other groups who may be looking for a motivational speaker
  8. Help SMILE #UWokeUp spread the word about our mission

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