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Lifestyle changes with GOALs on the brain…

“Lifestyle changes with goals on the brain”, sprouted from the good news that I received in January, 2018. I, Molly Cain, SMILE #UWokeUp Founder, was selected in the lottery for a 50K, Ultra Marathon. Superior Spring Trail 50K in Lutsen, Minnesota around Lake Superior as a trail run.

I was sitting at a coffee shop during my lunch break from the corporate world and I decided to work on SMILE #UWokeUp. I found a table outside and sat down with my espresso, when all of a sudden my watch and phone started buzzing. I glanced down and read the words “Ultra Marathon”.¬† This deemed as important since I was in a open lottery for a 50K. I took a deep breath and pulled the email up on my computer to see the news in full light. It was the time of truth, I took a deep breath and reminded myself of being accepting in either scenarios. I opened the email and read the words, congratulations! A giddy smile sprung on my face as I continued reading and saw an area for race questions and race preparation, ect. It was official, I was chosen to run.

However, this run was not about me. This run was about the why behind all of the madness. I run for the brain but more than this, I run to spread awareness of traumatic brain injuries. Almost 6 years ago, I had an accident in my home that left me with the right side of my body paralyzed and in a coma. I was told that I would never do this or that again, and that the chances of me overcoming the accident were slim to none. From this point forward, I took nothing for granted and appreciated everything in sight, still do.  I learned more about my personal strength and what I could accel at, as far as recovery went, and what I knew would take a little longer. Some recovery and life changes, I am still adjusting to and others I have placed aside not knowing if I will ever reopen. I run for personal recovery of what I endured with the accident that left me with having sustained a traumatic brain injury.

Receiving the news that I was selected, left me with more questions and decisions that needed to be made. Priorities, training, SMILE #UWokeUp, fun, and personal freedom, were a few bullet points that were left standing on the piece of paper. Lifestyle changes with goals on the brain is what it came down to. I needed to find more structure and life a little less free, since training timelines and goals were already set just waiting to be accomplished. Meal prepping became far more structured even settling on a certain day of the week. Workout routines were not as lenient and have become very rare. I established a regular sleep schedule and honored my time differently. I learned how to have a healthy life balance and how to still have a life outside the office as well as outside, sanctuary. I cannot wait to see what other hidden gems are stored away leading up to Superior Spring Trail Ultra.

“Every step that I take, is due to the time in my life where walking was deemed as impossible. SMILE #UWokeUp”


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